The Invisible Introvert

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary

The Outsiders

“I’ve got it!” My adorable husband yells with enthusiasm. Mind you he does EVERYTHING with great joy and at full speed, whether it’s waking me from my coma like sleep with a morning song (what…no coffee?), or serenading me to dreamland with his trumpet version of America the Beautiful. My beloved is a human spark plug with an insatiable urge to fix any proverbial broken pieces of me. Deep sigh.

Then there was me, crumpled and frustrated, methodically listing each point of profound dissatisfaction I derived from work.  Not just any work mind you, oh no! I was a first-year high school teacher, and we all know teaching is the honorable and most noble of professions. It’s one that molds young minds, and I wanted out, FAST! My practical mind battled with my broken heart.  “Getting this far took so much planning,” I cried. Night courses to save on tuition, and many other sacrifices with the dream of one day teaching the sciences to eager young minds instead of being the one sitting behind the desk. Somehow my detailed plan had gone terribly, horribly wrong, and I was no longer in control. So there we were, Mr. Sunshine and Mrs. Raincloud, praying for answers and seeking God’s wisdom.

“Take a personality test,” he suggested, and told me there were ones that matched your personality to compatible careers. I was willing to try anything, even follow the advice of my groom, aka the ankle breaker. Mr. Charismatic had also convinced me that skiing wasn’t hard, and I was still having headaches from my concussion, but I digress.  So I took the test and the results were strangely revealing. I don’t care that I’m introverted and intuitive, but am drawn to the sum of the answers which classify my personality as the Architect.  Awed, I read on and discover that it’s one of the rarest personality types, with INTJs making up about 2% (and women just 0.8%) of the population. Hah! Deep sighs turn into calm, steady breaths.

With dancing and the trumpet, my handsome husband supports me as I adjust the plan to one that actually makes sense, a life of research as a scientist in environmental/public health. No longer living as Mrs. Miserable, or on the outside of events looking in at others, but enjoying life’s journey with the world’s greatest husband, our amazing children and the most fulfilling, satisfying career imaginable. This is truly an exceptional life!



3 thoughts on “The Invisible Introvert

  1. “My practical mind battled with my broken heart.” Yes! On the nose! You said it better than I ever could; that’s exactly how I feel about whether or not to leave teaching. I am so glad to know that there IS a life for you outside the classroom and that you feel satisfied and gratified. Congratulations!

    P.S. BOTH of you are adorable, not just your husband! 🙂


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