Monday Musings

The Most Important Thing

Twisting and turning on Grandma’s lap

Sleepily fighting as her hand pats

A gentle rhythm on my back

She overcomes all my resistance

And I drop soundlessly into dreams

Safe in her care

A baby’s love.


New kid again starting school number ten

Listlessly walking the empty halls

One day he is there

Watching me intently with kind eyes

And friendship begins

On the building block of trust

A schoolgirl’s love.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Now on my own in the big city

His familiar voice stops me in my tracks

Beautiful eyes from my childhood

Look back at me with a new awareness

And ask for a lifetime

I do

A bride’s love.

Renewal of Vows

In great expectation I wait

My miracle who will have my mother’s name

The spring rains come and after much travail

I hold her and we are face to face

She has her father’s eyes

I am undone

A mother’s love.

AND 1994

When everything within me cries

For peace and hope and solid ground

I look over my life

And give to God

The most important thing

All my heart, all my soul, all my mind

A daughter’s love.