About Crystal Dailey

Hi friends, and welcome to The Exceptional Life!  A blog chock full of  hilarious, inspiring and true confessions.

I’m an introvert who’s best friend of almost 30 years (including 20+ of wedded bliss) is the blinding, shining love of my life.  As personality polar opposites, my self-professed, world-renown comedian and I have raised a gaggle of ready-for-Broadway, comical kids.  Faith, family and fun are what I’m all about, while using my God-given talent and abilities to write and encourage.  I also bake a crazy, good mac-n-cheese casserole!

My family has relocated numerous times over the last 15 years for work, which I describe as unseen reality TV at best.  Every experience has taught me that even in the not-so-great times I have the Lord and my writing.

Travel with me!  Follow along on the journey as we explore what it means to live The Exceptional Life.

Love & Blessings, Crystal


2 thoughts on “About Crystal Dailey

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Wow, INFP…also described as the “Mediator.” Poetic, kind, altruistic and always eager to help a good cause. Yes indeed, that sounds just like you: beautiful on the inside and out:)
      Love always, Auntie


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